I am a Feminist

Women Speaking Out is such a fabulous concept. I just love the idea. I mean, no matter what side of the fence we hang our laundry (dirty or not) we all deserve to be heard loud and clear. What I love most is that I am seeing and hearing those women who didn’t believe in ‘voicing’ their opinion shouting from the internet rooftops. I know that we will all have different views which as women we will feel passionate about. That is a wonderful thing. We don’t have to agree. I would rather have an intelligient debate than listen to someone agree with me out of their ass because they're too afraid to stand up for themselves. SPEAK YOUR MIND and do not let anyone tell you not to. If after you have done some research and decided to change your mind on your own, so be it. But please, do not ever be silenced from your own opinion. We have all done that enough.

 Why would I start a page with a title like Women Speaking Out? Well for starters, I know what it is like to have to keep your voice quiet your mind turned off and be given an opinion. Personally, I’d rather chew rusty nails then ever go back to being silenced for appearances sake. It may shock some (those who know me) that I was ever silent about my opinion but believe it or not I was a very submissive and obedient wife. I’m not trashing wives here, in fact I know many wives who definitely speak their minds and take no crap. I am however hinting at the so-called obedient wives to um ask themselves why they must obey, but not their husbands?

 Now my personal reason for creating this group was to share views and view points with other women. Although I consider myself a feminist I welcome those who are not. Obviously since I believe in Women Speaking Out I will not silence other women as we already have too many men and (believe it or not) other women doing that too much for my taste. I believe in equal rights (the Amendment too) and I refuse to take for granted the rights earned in blood sweat and tears by my mother, grandmother and great  grandmother before me and so on. We have a voice today and that is only because of previous generations of feminists. Think about it, only a woman who saw herself as equal and had the guts to show it would ever start a movement so strong and so becoming of us all. There are those who feel that feminism is an ugly word. That feminists are out to destroy the family unit, become lesbians, kill babies and ruin our great country. I say that until there is an amendment guaranteeing women equal rights then our country is not so great…yet.

 I am a feminist, I am not a lesbian (sorry I was not born that way like so many of my beautiful Sapphic Sisters), I do not kill babies (I am pro-choice to protect the lives of women and girls already born), My beliefs do not allow me to seek and destroy anything or anyone for selfish reasons or to intentionally hurt another. I love my country yet I am not too blind to see that nothing is perfect. I am a feminist in that I strongly support my sisters all over this beautiful planet we call home. 

 I invite my strong women of Pagan, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Satanists, and all other beliefs to become an even stronger voice on this page. I invite the debates that inspire and encourage thought. I invite the views of heartbreak, hard work and suffrage. I invite you to tell me your story, or the story of someone who is still silenced. Defend your faith, defend your beliefs, defend another’s, just please don’t encourage the silence of another woman’s voice, as too many are already kept quiet.  

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