Before you pass the Personhood Amendment consider this...

 Ok, so we have the "Personhood Amendment" making waves all over the internet. Now I ask you, in all resepctable fairness, why in the hell would any intelligent thought provoking woman in her right (or left) mind even consider the thought of a personhood amendment while we are still awaiting the ERA Amendment to be passed? What the fuck is wrong with the women out there who are constantly voting and petitioning against their own common need. I mean ,HELLO, you are a woman and you are fighting against the right to be considered equal, yet you will go out of your way to give that right to a zygote? Give me a break. So tell me, when you have given up all of your rights because 'god' says so, what then?

My daughter asked me to explain the personhood amendment to her, this is what happened:

I took her into the kitchen and we proceeded to bake a cake. I emptied the cake mix into a bowl and added an egg, oil and water (all of the necessary ingredients), then I asked her; Would you call this a cake? She immediately shook her head no. (smart kid). Then we mixed it up to where the batter was creamy and there were no lumps. Again I asked her if this was a cake? Again she replied no. We poured the cake batter  in the baking pan and placed it in the oven. We checked on it about half way through the baking time, again I asked her if this was a cake, she looked at it and sadi it appears to be so, then proceeded to do the tooth pic test, and again she shook her head no and replied "it isn't finished baking, so it is not a cake." After the timer went off she opened the oven and pulled out the pan."Now it's a cake" she said.

 I explained that just because an agg and a sperm connect, that does not mean you have a baby. I also asked her if she thought she was just as important as a boy. She gave me a look that said "duh mom." Of course I am. I smiled and told her that perhaps we should fight to gain equality, before we worry about taking away rights we already have.

I am the voice of experience. I have had an abortion (ectopic pregnancy) and am here to tell you there was no overwhelming feeling of guilt or illness or any other negative fear associated with the procedure. Why? Because it saved my life, and I was able to take care of the living breathing children I had at home. I will not ever accept that a zygote, embryo or fetus ever has more rights to my body  or life than I do, EVER!

How many of you (women) reading this are ready to die and leave your children motherless right now to give your life to a fetus? Think about that. The personhood amendment would do just that. If you had an ectopic pregnancy, you would not be able to obtain an abortion, however you would not be able to carry it full term and you will die and the fetus will stop growing.

Ok let's say you are a young girl of about, oh let's say um 9, 10. Ok, Now you have been sexually assaulted by a stranger, a friend or even your father. You become impregnated due to this assault. Now, if the personhood amendment is passed, then you will be forced to remain pregnant although your body is not ready,  and if that is a big if you survive the delivery, your chances of being ready to be a mother or even being allowed to keep your baby will be slim to none..

Whether you have promiscuous sex, proected or unprotected sex, it is your decision whether or not you want to be pregnant. If a fertilized egg is gods way of telling women they have to give up their rights, then E D (erectile dysfunction) is telling men it's time to stop fucking.

Don't be fooled into thinking that if you support this bogus amendment that you will be saving the lives of thousands of innocent little babies who will all be magically born into perfect loving homes, or all be adopted by those perfect conservative couples just waiting to spend their hard earned dollars on a crack baby, because if that is what you envision then you have been punk'd big time. This is just a control mechanism for poor women. Yes, folks that's right. We need poor women to breed more poor soldiers to fight in  rich men's wars. Shaking your head? You damn well know that if this were to ever pass, no rich woman wanting an abortion will ever be prosecuted! History has already proven this. When abortion was illegal, the only women not heading to the back alley, were those who could 'afford to have it taken care of by a private doctor'.

I ask those women who feel that you aren't worthy of equal rights, what makes you think you are less? Or rather who makes you think you are less?

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